Zengeler Cleaners Announces 2016 “20-Year Club”

28 Employees combine for 815 years of service

Northbrook, IL, January 13, 2016: Zengeler Cleaners, the Midwest’s oldest and largest drycleaner, is proud to introduce the company’s 2016 “20-Year Club.” The historic family-owned business now has 28 of their 93 employees who have been with the company for 20 or more years, combining for an astonishing 815 years of service to Zengeler Cleaners customers. With dedicated and loyal employees like these, it is no wonder the company has excelled in business for nearly 160 years!

“We take a great deal of pride in the longevity of our employees,” noted Tom Zengeler, company. “Our ability to consistently deliver superior quality backed by outstanding service depends on the dedication of our talented employees. We treat every employee with the respect they deserve: after all, they are the key to our success. This approach is reflected in our training program, as well as providing fair wages and competitive benefits in a safe working environment.”

Loyalty and longevity are traits reflected within the Zengeler family, too: four of the seven longest-serving employees are family members. “Our family has always maintained an active role in the day to day operation of the company,” continued Tom Zengeler. “We were all taught the same important lesson from our parents and grandparents at a very early age: the right kind of service starts and ends with the staff – so treat each employee the same way we expect them to treat our best customers.” Zengeler Cleaners’ 20-year club includes the following employees (listed in order of the number of years each employee has been with the company, with years of service in parentheses). Robert Zengeler (54); Joanne Koutsovitis and Michael Zengeler (42); Robert Zengeler and Racheal Wiggins-Kolb (41); Thomas Zengeler and Alyce Kingsley (38); Castula Vergara (37); Joan Nebel (35); Fernanda Estela (32); Nancy Brookman (30); Dennis Ori (29); Hector Alvarado and Dolores Alcantar (28); Jose Gil (26); William Fisher (24); Martin Levit, Patricia Miller and Michael Hessing (22); and, Matina Kouvelis, Claudia Galvez, Rosalba Perez, Enrique Tovar, Gloria Hernandez, Josefina Perez, Guadalupe Cardenas, Michael Maguire and Beth Amour (21).