Zengeler Cleaners Earns Plant Design Award for Outstanding Strip Location

American Drycleaner recognizes state-of- the-art store in Northbrook

Northbrook, IL, March 8, 2016: American Drycleaner, one of the industry’s leading publications, has announced the winners of the 2015 Plant Design Award. Zengeler Cleaners, the Midwest’s oldest and largest dry cleaner, earned the 2015 “outstanding strip location” for its newest store, located at 792 Skokie Boulevard in Northbrook. The new state-of-the art, environmentally friendly facility features many leading-edge amenities that have proven extremely popular with customers.

“Perhaps the most impressive new amenity at the Northbrook store is our Metalprogetti conveyor system that provides customers 24-hour access to their orders,” noted Zengeler. “We also have a point-of-sale solution that fully automates the cleaning workflow, from receiving the order, through processing the garments, then sorting, bagging and tagging for pick-up. The convenience and accuracy provided by these systems have been extremely well received by our customers.”

This is easy to understand, as customers now have the ability to pick up orders at their convenience using the store’s 24-hour self-serve kiosk. Equally important, this process provides an extremely efficient cleaning process, assuring that the environment is protected. “Zengeler Cleaners is extremely proud of both the appearance and functionality of the new store,” Zengeler continued. “Our architect collaborated with the Village of Northbrook to assure our new facility was consistent with our neighbors and the community. Achieving that while providing a modern, energy-efficient operation is a tribute to everyone on the team.”

“Zengeler Cleaners is extremely proud to be recognized by American Drycleaner,” said Zengeler. “There is no higher honor than to be recognized by our industry leaders.” The new facility is just around the corner from the previous location on Dundee Road. According to Tom Zengeler, President of Zengeler Cleaners, the company moved from a 30,000square-foot central plant to a 2,610square-foot package plant producing about 10,000 pieces a week. The family-owned cleaner also moved some of its central plant operation to three processing plants at other company locations.

Washburn Machinery served as distributor and created the plant layout. Lynde Anderson was architect, and Courtenay Bailey provided interior design. In addition to Metalprogetti, equipment for the Zengeler Cleaners store comes from Union (with Exxon-Mobil DF-2000™ hydrocarbon), Sankosha, Forenta, UniMac and Fulton, among others.

In addition to the new Northbrook store, the company has seven other locations: Deerfield, Hubbard Woods, Northfield, Winnetka, Long Grove and two stores in Libertyville, along with eight home pick-up and delivery routes. For more information about Zengeler Cleaners’ new Northbrook location, please contact Tom Zengeler, President, at (847) 272-6550, ext. 14, or visit www.zengelercleaners.com.