Zengeler Cleaners Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Award-Winning Northbrook Store

Advanced technology, environmentally friendly processing help assures store’s success

Northbrook, IL, August 16, 2016: When Zengeler Cleaners identified a new location for the company’s flagship store in Northbrook, the family-owned cleaner was committed to providing cutting edge technology and environmentally responsible processing into the new store design. This approach has made the new location very successful. In just one short year, the award- winning new store has enjoyed rapid growth and has been recognized as an industry leader for its state-of-the-art design.

“Zengeler Cleaners is extremely proud of our cutting edge location in Northbrook,” said Oscar Gonzalez, Director of Business Operations for Zengeler Cleaners. “We are especially happy with how our customers have embraced the self-service options and other design enhancements of the new store, starting with our Metalprogetti conveyor system. This consumer-friendly technology automates the cleaning workflow from receiving the order and processing the garments to sorting, bagging and tagging for pick- up. Customers now have the ability to pick up orders at their convenience using the store’s 24-hour self-serve kiosk.”

Just as importantly, this automated process provides an extremely efficient cleaning process, assuring the environment is protected, as well. This was one of the key factors that earned Zengeler Cleaners the “Outstanding Strip Location For New Store Design” award from American Drycleaner. In addition to functionality and concern for the environment, another key reason the community embraced the new store was because its appearance fit seamlessly into the fabric of the community. The company’s architect worked with the Village of Northbrook to assure the new facility was consistent with both its neighbors and with the community as a whole.

Zengeler Cleaners offers a complete range of services at all store locations. The company has served the greater Chicagoland area for nearly 160 years. Its growth and longevity were accomplished by setting a higher standard in fabric care, coupled with the family's belief that successful businesses should be partners in the communities they serve. Zengeler delivers on that belief through its support for programs such as youth and social/service organizations throughout its service area.

In addition to the Northbrook store, the company has seven other locations: Deerfield, Hubbard Woods, Northfield, Winnetka, Long Grove and two stores in Libertyville, along with eight home pick-up and delivery routes. For more information about Zengeler Cleaners’ new Northbrook location, please contact Tom Zengeler, President, at (847) 272-6550, ext. 14 … or check them out at www.zengelercleaners.com.