Winter Coat Care


What can I do to keep my winter coat looking its best?


Depending on the coat’s fiber content, how to care for the coat will vary. For the most part, follow these general tips to keep your coat looking great:

  • Wear scarves to avoid soiling of the collar, especially for leather and suede. Oily stains from hair and skin can permanently stain fabric.
  • Make an effort to clean the coat once during the season and again before storing.
  • Follow the care label instructions when cleaning. If in doubt, consult your dry cleaner.
  • When storing the coat, use a padded hanger and store it in a well-ventilated closet.
  • Avoid hanging the coat by its neck on a coat rack.
  • Treat stains immediately to keep them from setting.

If you care for your winter coat correctly, it will reward you with many years of warm and comfortable wearing.