Cleaning gloves, hats and other accessories


How do I clean all the gloves, hats, and other accessories I will use this fall?


Cleaning your heavier coats and jackets can be a difficult process in itself. Add to that the hassle of trying to clean the accompanying accessories, and you could find fallís cleaning to be an insurmountable feat. Hopefully these cleaning tips will make your fall changeover a little easier. If care labels are present, follow instructions carefully. Many synthetics, as well as cottons and wools, are hand or machine washable. Minimize agitation to prevent matting and pilling of napped fabrics. Knits may require blocking or stretching to return them to their original size. If tumble drying is recommended, use a low temperature setting. Wool, fur, and leather accessories may require the assistance of a professional cleaner. These materials require special cleaning and finishing procedures. Any known stains should be pointed out when you leave them with the cleaner. Most items will clean beautifully, but accessories, particularly gloves, are exposed to many staining substances that cannot be removed.