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Fabric Care Tips

Here are some quick tips you can use yourself.

Crayon Stains
How can I remove stains caused by crayons left in pockets?
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Rolling with the Seasons
The seasons are changing...do you have any tips on how I should manage my wardrobe?
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Cleaning gloves, hats and other accessories
How do I clean all the gloves, hats, and other accessories I will use this fall?
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Winter Coat Care
What can I do to keep my winter coat looking its best?
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Quality Comforter
My motherís birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I want to give her a nice down comforter. What things should I look for to ensure I am getting a nice quality comforter?
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Melted Chocolate
My daughter came back from trick-or-treating and had melted chocolate all over her white angel costume. How do I remove this stain?
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Don't Let Holiday Stains Ruin the Spirit of the Season!
Are there any simple steps that I can take at home to remove typical holiday stains?
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